Alighieri Di Portinari

Estudiante terminal de Pedagogía, nacido el 89 (calcule usted la edad), amante de los vídeo juegos, el anime y la literatura, guitarrista básico y jugador de LoL.
pregunte lo que quiera, eso si no aseguro contestarlo
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My Halloween costume, Lust from FullMetal Alchemist!

Lust: I lost.

It’s a shame, but it doesn’t feel to bad to be killed by a man like you. With honest eyes and no hesitation.

I can’t wait, for the days when those eyes will show anguish…those days…are close…


While I was watching FMA I thougth that everybody loves Lust (exept stupid humans (exept Havoc)) and tried to guess why exactly.
Then I just couldnt stop imagining her as nice caring elder sister. Moreover, she is the only woman among homunculus (exept Envy who is “Lol I’d be genderless, sorry bros”).

"A woman can preach, a woman can work, a woman can fight. A woman
can build, can rule, can conquer, can destroy, just as much as a
man can." -- Zoe Saldena


Seven deadly sins / Seven heavenly virtues 


song: This game
singer: Konomi Suzuki
anime: No Game No Life


O snap. Genius gamer.

Those two...   seem like they can't survive                    without each other
Those two...
seem like they can't survive
without each other


Re-watching the second episode of No Game No Life and came to the realization that screenshots MUST BE HAD! PART ONE RIGHT HERE! (AND THIS ISN’T EVEN THE BEST PART)